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Joe & Gin is Elegant, Modern and so Unapologetically Country that it hits right in the heart

Sara Douga is the Country Artist we have been longing for; her new EP, Joe & Gin, brings LIFE to the genre we all love

(October, 2020 - Nashville, TN) On the heels of her well-received, acoustic EP, LINES, country artist, Sara Douga, drops Joe & Gin, a fully-produced EP recorded in studio session at Subphonic Studios in Franklin, TN. With a refreshing and unique take on tradition, Joe & Gin brings new life to country music and introduces Douga’s modern-authentic brand. The EP features two original songs; “Joe & Gin” and “I’ll Forgive You if You Don’t”, as well as a cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Help Me Make It Through the Night”. The entire 3-track EP is now available on all major music platforms .

“Her music defines three chords and the truth” - Whispering Bob Harris, O.B.E.

In its first week of release, Joe & Gin received wild support across the globe. Whispering Bob Harris, OBE gave the title track it’s world premier (Thursday, Oct 8th) on his weekly Country Show on BBC Radio 2, and started what seems to be a domino effect of support from CountryLine TV, SiriusXM The Outlaw, Country Rebel, WSM Radio, Circle TV, Spotify’s New Music Nashville Playlist, and many more.

Produced by Lee Horrocks, Joe & Gin features Douga’s heroes including Phil Madeira, of Emmylou Harris’ Red Dirt Boys, on the Wurlitzer piano, and Melonie Cannon on back vocals. Written by Douga and KD Amond, Film Director of Five Women in the End, the title track “Joe & Gin” depicts a woman longing for intimate connection as she sits alone with a cup of coffee (Joe) awaiting her lover’s return from his persistent nights out at the bar drinking Gin and avoiding confrontation. Being let down, she ends up having an affair with a man named Joe. Douga’s love depends on Gin much like Dolly Parton’s depended on Jolene.

“Joe & Gin paints a picture of what can happen when communication is lost in a relationship. This song is a reflection of the reality of love. It can be painful but truth brings healing even when it hurts; and that is Country Music” - Sara Douga

The EP also features “I’ll Forgive You if You Don’t”, and an eloquently tantalizing cover of Kris Kristofferson’s famous hit, “Help Me Make It Through the Night”, coined by Willie Nelson, Sammi Smith, and many others. “I’ll Forgive You if you Don’t” is Douga’s first song to ever co-write with songwriting legend, Jim Lauderdale. Lauderdale also released this song on his album, From Another World, and invited Douga to make her guest debut appearance at The Grand Ole Opry in July of last year.

“Sara has the HIT factor and the IT factor.” - Jim Lauderdale

As a prelude to Joe & Gin, Douga launched an online vlog, Sippin’ with Sara sharing insight on her experience in the country-music industry and featuring stories of what it's like to work with her most influential heroes. New episodes of Sippin’ with Sara are expected to launch every Wednesday on her website as well as on all of Douga’s social media platforms.

“...Country music isn’t dead. It lies in Sara’s hands now. It’s up to her and the other traditional country singers to keep country music going. She sure has done her part with this EP!” - Melonie Cannon

Joe & Gin is a reflection of what to expect from Douga’s modern-authentic brand and sets the standard for real truths that listeners should expect from Douga in the future. Modernizing tradition in a way that country music has not seen before, Joe & Gin is a 3-track EP that captivates listeners on every chord. You can hear it now on all major music platforms.

Joe & Gin Official Track List:

1. Joe & Gin (Sara Douga & KD Amond) 2. I’ll Forgive You if You Don’t

(Sara Douga & Jim Lauderdale) 3. Help Me Make It Through The Night (Kris Kristofferson)

About Sara Douga:

Sara Douga is country music. Her entrancing melodies are filled with lyrics that cut straight to the heart. Her stage presence reveals everything she lives and believes; “Life is beautiful, and love is worth it.” Douga’s fun- loving, bubbly personality combined with warm, smooth vocals tease every nerve in the body. While capturing audiences of all ages, Douga is a beacon of light for traditional country music lovers. Truth is universal and when it’s wrapped up in melodies and vocals like Douga’s, everyone listens.

Before moving to Nashville in 2019, Douga self-released her debut record; Boots, Bras, and Drawers which was quickly recognized by Country Music People Magazine and BBC Radio. While Douga is still fairly new to town, her heroes have already taken notice. Douga’s first cut as a songwriter came from the legendary Jim Lauderdale on his latest country album, From Another World, which launched her straight into the spotlight at The Grand Ole Opry Stage for her first official performance as a Nashville resident. Lauderdale has since recorded four of his and Douga’s co-written songs.

Amidst the height of the 2020 Pandemic, Douga gave her audience a dose of happiness. She released a lighthearted, acoustic EP, Lines, accompanied with a witty music video. Generously supported by CMT, SiriusXM ‘The Outlaw’, and CountryLine TV, Douga’s “Lines” has established a highly engaged global presence.

Not only is Douga an incredibly talented songwriter and artist, but she is also a published wildlife biologist, wife, and mother of two. Follow Sara Douga as she continues her soaring path to country music stardom on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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