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Sara's Song Credits

Here is a list of all the songs Sara has been blessed to be part of in chronological order:

Boots, Bras, & Drawers

Sara produced and wrote every song on her first album

  1. Boots, Bras, & Drawers

  2. A Cowboy Like You

  3. Spill This Bottle

  4. We're Just Dancin'

  5. Out of My Heart

  6. Gypsy Soles

  7. Long Time Coming (co-produced by Tony Daigle)

  8. Alan Jackson CD's

  9. One Like Daddy (Kristi's Song)

  10. I Miss You

  11. Heaven

  12. Loving You on Paper

* Six of these twelve tracks were played by Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2.

* This album received a great review by Chris Smith, Country Music People Magazine (June 2018)

From Another World

Jim Lauderdale (2019)

Track 9. I'll Forgive You if You Don't

Written by Sara Douga & Jim Lauderdale

Track 12. Are You Trying to Make a Song Out of Us?

Written by Sara Douga & Jim Lauderdale

* I'll Forgive You if You Don't was Sara's first song to get played in the circle at The Grand Ole Opry (May 2019) and it's to date been played on the Opry three times.

*Sara joined Jim Lauderdale to make her guest Opry debut with "I'll Forgive You if You Don't" on July 3, 2019. This was her first performance as a Nashville resident. (Sara moved to town on June 1, 2019)

* This record peaked at #1 on Billboard charts on 7.5.2019 (two days after Sara's Opry Debut)

When Carolina Comes Home Again

Jim Lauderdale (2020)

Track 10. I'm Here to Remind You

Written by Sara Douga & Jim Lauderdale

* This album peaked at #2 on Billboard Charts on 4.10.2020


Sara Douga (2020)

1. FAIR WARNING- featuring Julie Williams

Written by Sara Douga, Phil Madeira, and Alejandro Sierra

Co-Produced by Sara Douga & Tony Daigle

2. PLAYBOOK- featuring Roddie Romero

Written by Sara Douga, Louise Goffin, and Roddie Romero

Co-Produced by Sara Douga & Tony Daigle

3. LINES- featuring LANE MACK

Written by Sara Douga, Gary Burr, & Gregor Philp (10% to Peter Case for the idea)

Co-Produced by Sara Douga & Tony Daigle

* The title track has experienced air play on SiriusXM The Outlaw, as well as many other smaller radio stations.

* The music video for "LINES" has been supported by CMT and CountryLine TV

Joe & Gin

Sara Douga (2020)

1. Joe & Gin

Written by Sara Douga & KD Amond

2. I'll Forgive You if You Don't

Wriitten by Sara Douga & Jim Lauderdale

3. Help Me Make It Through the Night

Written by Kris Kristofferson

* In just one week of release this EP has experienced air play on WSM Radio, BBC Radio 2 (WORLD PREMIER- Bob Harris), Sirius XM The Outlaw, and more.

* The title track was recently playlisted on Spotify's New Music Nashville playlist.

Chris Difford's Song Club

(Coming October 2020)

Track 3. Find A Way

Written and performed by Sara Douga & Gregor Philp

Sara is expecting more cuts in 2021 as a songwriter from other artists around the world so stay tuned!

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