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Sippin' With Sara Ep 3: Two Truths & A LIE- REVEALED

This was fun! I had put up this question on my socials asking y'all which one of the following statements was a LIE :

  1. I have been bitten by an alligator

  2. I have a new EP Coming Oct 9th

  3. I used to be a hunting guide

I think only ONE person got it right! This was so fun to watch y'all comment on these posts. Watch the video to find out the LIE!

Joe & Gin release day is Oct 9th and I am SO EXCITED for y'all to hear this. My heart could just EXPLODE. Make sure you hit that follow button on Spotify, and head over to the iTunes Store to pre-order the EP!

I love Y'all BIG

- Sara

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